What’s Hot in Kitchen Design this Summer

Kitchen Design

The modern kitchen blends comfort with class. The biggest trend in kitchen design right now is a timeless, understated look. Black and white themes never go out of style and are easy to adapt or change because of everything matches. To make the classic look a little softer, white, off-white and natural wood stained cabinets give your kitchen an earthy, the country feels and opens up space. Countertops in neutrals, especially warm greys, fit in nicely with the understated trend. Neutral colors that dominate the room allow decorations to bring life and pops of color to space.

Functionality makes a chef’s paradise. With the overall theme of simplicity and openness trending right now, homeowners need a place to treat themselves and make the kitchen their own personal space. One popular way to do this is by tailoring the functionality of the kitchen to personal needs. Induction cooktops and other ‘gourmet appliances’ fit right into the modern kitchen. Functionality is also important, and cabinets are the one area where people are splurging right now, redesigning for durability and functionality, which makes cooking more enjoyable.

The modern kitchen is a social kitchen, where family and friends come together. For many people, the kitchen is where they do their entertaining. The concept of the social kitchen is strong in 2013, with a focus on open floor plans and room for multiple people in the kitchen. Breakfast nooks or islands with stools are a significant part of modern kitchen trends because they allow cooks to work and entertain at the same time. These small seating areas transform a kitchen from a separate workspace to a lively environment for family and friends.

Environmentally conscious cooks will be happy with the current Eco-friendly trends in kitchen remodeling. In addition to a movement toward more sustainable materials like cork tile floors, Eco-friendly remodeling is becoming more than just an ‘extra’ factor in kitchen design. LED lights, Energy Star appliances, and sustainable materials are a theme in modern kitchen design. For people who want to take their commitment to the environment further, recycling and composting stations can take an Eco-friendly kitchen to the next level. Appliances like touch faucets also allow you to save water while keeping clean as well.

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