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Tips for Basic Swimming Pool Maintenance


When you become a pool owner – either because you bought a house with a pool or because you decided to install it yourself, here are some tips for keeping your swimming pool in a swimming condition:

When it comes to pH levels, keep between 7.2 and 7.8. A value of 7 means that pool water is in the neutral range. If the level is below 7, the water will become acidic, and if it is higher than 7, then it is alkaline. You can also hire experts for pool repairs in Long Island via online sources.

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The reason your pool's pH level has to remain more basic is the swimmer's eyes and skin; The pH level of the human eye is between these levels, so it's best to keep your water pH level consistent so that you have safe swimming conditions.

The chlorine level must stay in the range of 2.0. If the level drops below that range, you will want to add a surprise to the pool to bring it back to the correct level. When the chlorine level rises above the 2.0 range, reduce the amount of chlorine you, or your pool technology, add to the pool.

Don't drain your swimming pool. Regardless of what the pool owner and sometimes what the pool professional says to you, you don't want to dry it. If you have holes that need to be patched, keep in mind that there are waterproof patching devices on the market to eliminate the need for drying.

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