Living Like Elle Macpherson

A few years ago I read an article in a magazine about a journalist who was given an assignment to live like Elle Macpherson for a month – including eating like Elle, exercising like Elle and enjoying countless beauty treatments.  I don’t know why, but this idea stuck with me and I thought I wonder what it would be like to get into ‘Elle’ mode and would it make me healthier,  more glamorous and more hip.

DSCF1827 crop

Well for starters, I’m only 5ft 2 and a bit chubbier than I’d like, so that part of being an Amazonian supermodel obviously isn’t going to work for me, but then looks aren’t everything are they, so what else could I do?  Let’s take this step by step.

In the gym this week I decided to channel Elle, so joyfully working out at Zumba, exuding a Zen like aura during yoga and carefree jogging on the treadmill (in the absence of a sandy beach you understand).

Next, the kitchen.  Now as you know, I have a new cold press juicer, so this is absolutely what Elle would have – fresh juices every day.  I’ve also had lots of fish and vegetables.  So far so good.

What about glamour? What would Elle wear?  I think my silver office flats and combat pants do the trick nicely teamed with an oversized boho bag.  I can tick that box then.  Very hip.

Shopping.  Does Elle go to the supermarket?  Maybe not, but I floated round Sainsbury’s picking up coconut oil, nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruit and a very expensive piece of fish.  I did gulp when the man on the fish counter said £9.29 but, Elle would buy good quality fish wouldn’t she?

Next beauty treatments.  The best I can hope for here is a hairdo (booked!) and some DIY aromatherapy.  I’m sure Elle would approve.

So does this work as a strategy for health, fitness and glamour? No idea, but I had fun doing it!

Clean Eating Week Four My Resource Pack

Well four weeks in and six pounds down.  I had hoped for better, but went off the rails a bit last week.  However, onwards and upwards! Six pounds kept off means I’m only a couple of pounds away from being a healthy weight for my height.  I bought a size 12 summer dress in M&S last week and it fits, so that’s progress.

I thought I’d share my resources and tell you what I’ve managed to stick with.

Firstly, a big thanks to Helen Conway from Bodywork Pilates in Chester who has been a motivating earworm for the last 28 days.  Granted, the KSFL plan was too tough for me, but I’ve still learned a lot.

Next, I’ve been reading Amelia Freer’s Eat Nourish Glow and she looks so positively healthy, who wouldn’t be motivated to eat clean.


Finally, all of my favourite mags, Red, GH and Delicious are covering real food, so I have so many lovely recipe options to choose from.


Oh and of course, not forgetting my lovely yoga and Zumba teachers Jo, Luos and Jacqui at Old Hall Country Club plus lots of long walks in the countryside!

The biggest change which I’ve positively embraced is learning to love vegetables.  Never before have I eaten such a variety of greens.  I’d always seen them as an add on to the protein and potato, pasta, bread, rice or whatever.  Now I see the veg as the meal and the protein as the add on.

Next big change is the microwave – it’s gone! I no longer have or need one.

Thirdly, puds.  Now, I love a pudding, but always felt I had to top off my meal with a pud every night, even if it was just a yoghurt.  Well, yoghurt has gone.  Once or twice a week I have almonds and blueberries for afters.

Let’s see what more progress I can make.  And sorry Helen, I’ll never give up porridge!


Eating Clean Week Two Progress

Week two, another pound down (six pounds in total) so I’m very pleased, especially considering this fortnight has included a hen party and a wedding, with two indulgent overnight hotel stays.

Seabass with roasted veg
Seabass with roasted veg

I’m not going to say I’ve been cheating, but I have obviously adapted the KSFL plan to my lifestyle and going forward this is how I want my weight loss plan to continue:

  • I’m loving the variety of vegetables I’m eating and this is a keeper.
  • I aim to try a new vegetable dish each week.
  • Cooking from scratch? Love it.
  • Sugar – well, I’m not giving up honey, but happy to say goodbye to processed sugars.
  • Potatoes? Don’t miss ’em.
  • Bread? Surprisingly not missed it.
  • Porridge, seeds and nuts – no way am I cutting these out.  I love them.
  • Dairy.  A bit of a compromise here.  The only milk I want is with my morning (decaff) PG Tips – happy for all other drinks to be milk free.  Don’t miss cheese or cream.
  • Chocolate? Green and Black’s 85% will appear on my menu.
  • Alcohol? A couple of drinks a week as per usual will feature.  White or red wine and the occasional cognac.
  • Puddings, cakes, biscuits? Haven’t missed them.
  • Fruit – in week two, craving sweetness I’ve eaten strawberries and blueberries.  Fruit is coming back on the menu.
  • Holland & Barrett is my new friend – finding lots of foodie things there to experiment with.
  • Fish is appearing much more frequently on the menu.
  • I’m reading lots of clean eating blogs for inspiration.

I accept that this will slow my weight loss, but I’m actually now only two pounds away from being in the ‘normal’ weight category for my height.  As for exercise, I’ll continue with yoga, Zumba, Pilates, swimming and walking, but running and HIIT has to go as I’ve had to come to terms with my heart related limitations.  Palpitations and strenuous exercise don’t mix.

Let’s see what next week brings!