Time To Reboot

Well, summer is over an it’s time for a reboot.  We’ve had a great time sampling food in both the UK and Spain, but my waistline is feeling the pinch!


Here I am stuffing my face with jamon in the Mercado at Mahon, Menorca.  Very nice it was too, but like all good things, it has come to an end.

So today I’m back to clean eating and feeling very positive about it.

Wish me luck guys!

A Post Card From Menorca

A few pics from last week’s holiday.


These gates are typical of Menorca.  The rustic look is the in thing it seems.


This Popeye art is right on the harbour in Mahon.


Pastel coloured houses in Mahon.


I wonder what’s behind this little door?


Fish in the harbour at Es Castell.  These are leaves on the top of the water which the fish seem to think is bread.


A Menorca snack: grilled pimiento, patatas bravas and a fried egg.  Very good it was too.


Avarcas – a holiday purchase.  Gotta be done.


Modern graffiti.  Not sure what the meaning is, but brightens up a car park.

Hope you enjoyed!


Less Really Is More at Collingwood House

I’m not sure how exactly it’s happened but I seem to have managed to achieve a sense of calm.  We’ve been on holiday to Menorca, staying near Es Castell, in the 18th century Collingwood House.  There are strictly no mod cons at this place (no TV, no aircon, very basic food), although you can get wifi in the main reception.  We read books, played scrabble, went for walks and enjoyed the wildlife (lots of lizards and big bugs).  There are places to eat out within easy walking distance, but for the most part, we kicked back and relaxed.  At bedtime it was very dark and very quiet, great for a good night’s sleep.


It’s only a two star hotel, once the home of Admiral Collingwood, second in command to Admiral Lord Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar.  The interior has been lovingly restored by the current owner who has been adding to his collection of artefacts since 1961 and the style reflects how it would have looked in Collingwood’s day.


Although not far from Mahon, we heard that the owner had bought the surrounding land to prevent development, so you have the feeling of being in the middle of nowhere.


Being in such a calming place has really made me think about stuff.  And I do mean literally ‘stuff’.  We were very happy with the simplicity.  Logging on once a day to check emails and happily ignoring social media.  I read a couple of great books and indulged in time frittered away.  There was no dressing up and no putting on make up.


It made me think about why we feel we need so much stuff in our lives.  In fact, the first thing I’ve done this morning is drop a load of clothes off at the charity shop. I also realised just how much time I spend on social media and have to ask myself, does it really benefit me, or is it just a drain on my internal resources?

So with a rethink on the cards, I’m re-energised and ready for the run up to the winter solstice.  Can’t say I’ve thought about giving up blogging though….I spent loads of time scribbling notes in my little yellow diary instead.  Can’t live without committing my thoughts to paper…it’s the habit of a lifetime.  Happy Days!

Happy Doing Nothing in Menorca: Hotel Xuroy

Last September we had such a relaxing holiday in Menorca, we were practically horizontal by the end of it!  We stayed at the two star Hotel Xuroy in the tiny village of Alcaufar and I can honestly tell you there is nothing to do here but relax, look at the scenery, maybe swim and read books!  No TV in the room, only one tiny shop in the village and only one bar apart from the hotel.  You could practically hear a pin drop if you went out in the afternoon at siesta time.  Total bliss if that if you want away from it all!   Beware if you want to blog there – the wifi was patchy!


The hotel is extremely basic, chosen for its location and not its facilities.  There is no aircon, no mod cons, food is nothing to write home about (except for my daily, sugar dusted, breakfast ensaimada).  But, the view from our room was amazing, looking right out onto a secluded cove!  The hotel does have a separate restaurant on the terrace where you can choose from freshly caught fish of the day brought to you on a platter, but it is very expensive and for us, a one off treat.  There is however a little bar Piccolo Mundo, a stone’s throw away where you can get good tapas for lunch.  Piccolo’s too has amazing views, so worth a visit.DSCF0942

There are two villages within walking distance if you feel the need to get out and about, plus good walking nearby with lots of little coves to discover.  If you want to go to Mahon,  there is a regular bus from the village.


The jury is out on whether we’ll go back.  I loved the seclusion, but I didn’t love the food and that’s a big part of the holiday.  I was never hungry as there was always something tasty, but I wasn’t excited by it.  Some people go back year after year and I can see why.  Let’s see what happens shall we!