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Subtle Changes To Brighten Up The Home

Brighten Up The Home

No matter if your budget is small there are many subtle changes you can make to brighten up your own home using these simple and adaptable ideas.

One of the easiest and simplest ways to add more light to your home is by adding mirrors. Not only do these brighten a room but also they create the illusion of having more space. If you don’t have the wall space or you simply want to add extra mirrors to a room a great way to achieve this is through mirrored furniture pieces such as coffee tables or side tables added to bedrooms and lounge rooms.

The best way to brighten up your home has to be by simply adding more natural sunlight. While many newer houses already have skylights and large windows, many older homes have smaller windows and admit less natural light overall. If your home is lacking in direct sunlight try adding soft white or cream furnishings as seen in minimalist designs. Light colors also make rooms feel larger. Alternatively you can go the other way and add brightly colored blankets and throws, curtains and pillows, wallpaper or even a brightly colored feature wall in the bedrooms, dining spaces and family rooms. Don’t shy away from pairing bold block colors and prints. Having brightly colored accents in your home will work wonders.

Even if you’re lucky enough to have a home with beautiful large windows that stream in vast amounts of sunshine, many of us don’t use them to the full advantage, or rather can’t. With building plot sizes becoming increasingly smaller privacy is a big concern for homeowners, and many of us simply don’t leave all our curtains fully open because of the loss of that privacy. Under-curtains, which still let some sunlight in without giving up your privacy, are a great way to solve the issue in bedrooms and living spaces. Another great way to do this is with shutters, particularly bathroom shutters, where privacy is a must. This way you can control the level of natural light without giving up your privacy.

If your home doesn’t have much natural light or the winter months are fast approaching a good selection of lights and lamps is a definite must. Adding wall mounted lights or more ceiling lights is a great addition to any home, however, if that’s too much to spend or even too time consuming and you need more light fast, the easiest way is by adding light using floor standing or table lamps. These not only look great but also are particularly useful in certain areas of your home, such as the bedrooms, living room and study. If you want to make a room brighter and add a level of softness, small lamps with fabric shades are a great way to do this. Another effective way to add brightness to your home is to use LED lamps; anything Tiffany inspired is great. Not only do they easily add more light they also brighten the room with their brightly colored glass shades.

Whether you’re looking to add more natural light and depth to your home or simply to add more style, these simple, subtle and easy tips will have your home looking brighter in no time.

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