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Should I Buy Meat Frozen Or Chilled?


Many meat suppliers will tell you that the best and the only way to buy wholesale meat are to buy it frozen as this helps to lock in nutrients. However, recent advances in technology mean that cold frozen meat is not the only way to buy meat from meat wholesalers.

Through the utilization of vacuum packaging, ice, and the isolation box, it is now possible to safely buy fresh meat online and receive as juicy and as tasty as the day it was carved.

The benefits of frozen meat:

It remains fresh – using a specially adapted working freezer to cool your meat faster than traditional home freezerthis method ensures that the meat remains juicy and less fluid loss.

Fewer bacteria – frozen in the freezer immediately after carving twice as cold as your home freezer prevents bacterial growth and eventual disease.

Benefits of cold meats:

Vacuum packaging – vacuum packaging has been proven to prevent the liquid from escapingand protect your meat against blows, bumps and freezer burn.

Hydrated ice – pre-cooled before wrapping steak, meat is a special sheet helps you to stay cool during transit without freezing

Food grade gel packs – usually used alongside hydrated ice sheets, work together to extend the time cold

Allows you to buy fresh meat that you can use immediately after delivery, the delivery method is certainly more beneficial to your needs if you have bought this wholesale meat for a special occasion. It saves the need to defrost it is a much more efficient ordering system.

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