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Hybrid Hydraulic Power-Train Systems


The hybrid hydraulic power-train system has become a far more energy-efficient and fuel-efficient alternative to similar conventional gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles. While in the past they were considered too big and complicated, the step in technology has opened up new industrial uses for the technology.

The hybrid hydraulic system first appeared in the 1960s, actually originating from a hybrid gas-electric system. At that time, because hydraulic accumulators were made of steel, they were too heavy for practical use. You can find hydraulics in Brisbane through

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In addition, the initial hydraulic system is much more difficult to control because changes in the viscosity of the hydraulic fluid depend on temperature. Because of this deficiency, gas-electric hybrids became more popular in the following decades.

However, thanks to improvements in several fields, that challenge has been eliminated in the last decade. At present, the accumulator is made of lightweight carbon composite materials. This is the same type of material used in the manufacture of fighter jets.

Also, control problems have been fixed and simplified with the addition of a sophisticated computerized system. In addition, systems with greater efficiency and leak-proof components have made hydraulic hybrids more environmentally friendly and reduce concerns about leakage.

The hydraulic system exchanges all electronic components that are older than gas-electric hybrids with newer technology. This includes starter motors, generators, batteries, and controllers. This was replaced by three parts, a pump powered by a small diesel motor, an accumulator and a hydraulic motor. In addition, electronic equipment in vehicles powered by hydraulic power is powered by alternative batteries.

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