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How To Make Money With Custom Polo T-Shirts?


Screen Printing T Shirts is a printing technique. It uses a stencil printing method in which a design is imposed on silk screen.

Empty areas are coated and the ink is forced through to the printing surface. Another name for it is serigraphy. Screen printing is popular because of its quality. If you are looking for high quality polo t-shirt then check this website


Embroidered tee will surely impress your client’s .Design Custom T-shirts using custom graphics, computer enhanced images and words to dare to express yourself no matter what you are promoting.

Customized Heat Transfer is used for a variety of industries. They are perfect for brand identification and promotion.

You can use the custom t shirts to help promote these types of businesses, clubs, schools, restaurants, race, cause, or festivals, etc. Embroidery is used on a variety of apparel and luggage; such as, polo shirt, T-shirt, plain t shirt, hoodies, jackets, ball caps and bags.

It is very popular because of its durability and easy to wash. On top of that look professional as well.

A great way to raise funds for the school or the event is the custom t shirt. You cannot beat the price. Fundraising t-shirt is an economical way to promote.

It will spread the word for a long time. T-shirts are functional so that people end up wearing them year after year so special about what you tell them.





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