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How Ibogaine Therapy Leads You To Drug Free Life?


A drug addict not only ruins his life but also brings suffering to his family. Ibogaine therapy has made people live free of drugs, live healthily. This detoxification process is very helpful in curing almost all drug addictions.

What is Ibogaine and what are its benefits in curing drug addiction?

This is a naturally occurring alkaloid obtained from the Iboga plant found in Africa. The root bark is used to extract Ibogaine from plants. The unique properties of this plant make it a popular research topic among scientists for the past four decades. You can refer to to know how beneficial Ibogaine therapy is for your Alcohol & Opiate Addiction.

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Researchers have shown that it has withdrawal symptoms as well as reducing drug dependence with a single dose. Its effectiveness in depression has also found great applications recently.

Addiction attacks the pleasure centre of the brain and creates an imbalance in the dopamine pathway. Ibogaine reverses this effect and brings the brain to a normal state that does not change. Once that is achieved the focus now shifts to the psychological aspects that bring the patient out of the trauma he experienced during his addiction.

Psychological factors are very important in any addiction procedure because most mental stress causes a person to enter this world of hallucinogenic substances. This makes it very important to understand and assess the patient's state of mind and treat it accordingly.

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