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reflection mirrors

Other then their basic function of reflection mirrors are not only gorgeous with their unique cuts and effects such as beveled or embossed etc. but they have the ability to make a room appear spacious and larger thus they are a must-have for small rooms. A mirror shouldn’t be just hung anywhere, since it will be reflecting something you need to make sure that the image is worthy of the reflection thus place in a position where it will result in a good view, here are some room by room suggestions:

If you have a beautiful view of the outdoors then place a mirror on the opposite wall so it can reflect the breathtaking view and bring it ever closer to be admired from the inside of the room. a full-length mirror is a must have for bedrooms to make your dressing up life easier, it’s best to place it on a wall but if unfortunately there is not a big enough wall then inside a closet door can be just as good. Some accent lights can be placed above the mirror to help make applying makeup an easy task.

Placing a mirror at the entrance can be very handy when going out to check your reflection at the last minute and exit confidently; similarly when your guests enter your house a look in a mirror will reassure them and hopefully brighten them up! It’s best to place the mirror over a console where the table can hold flowers which will beautifully reflect in the mirror while it will be a support to dump keys or your bag, any canvas pictures on the opposite wall will also be reflected gorgeously in the mirror.

If your room is equipped with a fireplace then place a mirror on top to reflect the positive activity in the room, you can also place two mirrors on either side of the fireplace and add best canvas prints in the middle for decor, this will make a room appear spacious. If you don’t have a fireplace then imagine where it would have been, choose the largest wall in the room that will reflect the most activity that you would want to be seen, although entertaining but nobody wants two televisions in one room.

A large mirror parallel to the dining table can add a touch of elegance to your dining room and moreover once the room is being entered the display and the food can be reflected to help you and your guests immediately admire it creating a great first impression. Moreover, this mirror will be responsible for reflecting light around the room and will allow people to fix their appearances after a party. Make sure that the kitchen under no circumstances reflects the kitchen because you don’t want all the hustling to be witnessed.

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