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More and more tea varieties are available as organic teas today. Each type of tea, whether Black tea, Green tea, White tea, or Oolong tea, is cultivated in several areas under an organic growing protocol. This trend has a lot to do with the return of resources that have been pounding the world in recent years. You may browse www.malindo.fr/collections/the-vert-bio and shop the best herbal tea.

Organic tea is marketed as USDA-approved tea. Either in the form of leaves or bags, this tea carries the USDA seal. Some even confirm the origin of the tea. Almost every major variation of tea and mixture is done under this label, namely USDA Ceylon Herbal Tea, USDA Dancing Leaves Green Tea, USDA Flowering Fruit Tea, USDA Green Earl Grayer Tea, USDA Lemon Green Tea with Honey, USDA Mint Fields Herbal Tea, and USDA Temple of Herbal Tea.

Organic tea is grown according to strict organic cultivation rules. There is no point in damaging chemicals, preferring to go the natural way and encourage Nature to provide better crop cultivation. Chemicals are known to destroy not only the land where they are used but also the surrounding ecosystem.

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Organic tea cultivation contributes to increasing soil fertility. The use of natural fertilizers such as compost, natural organic matter, and plants provides all the nutrients and elements needed by the soil to grow plants better. It has been noted that organically grown plants produce better results. Organic cultivation also utilizes natural methods of pest control such as small insects and insects such as pest control spiders. Regarding traditional methods such as crop rotation and mulch, more environmentally friendly cultivation is guaranteed.

The benefits of organic tea cultivation also overlap with the surrounding ecosystem and living habitat around the area. Wildlife is allowed to develop, and there is a lower risk of pollution by hazardous chemicals. Animals and humans are thus protected and also given a better environment, free of harmful pesticides and other chemicals, some of which can cause serious health hazards.

Organic tea is also said to retain most of the inherent benefits. Self-selected and processed in an orthodox manner, tea has a standard of quality not achieved by conventional tea factories.

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