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Earn Profit By Subdividing Property


The Subdivision Plan is prepared by a licensed Surveyor and allocates the Subdivision Plan number provided by the Title Office. As a general rule – in residential zones 1 and any zones with development overlay designs 2 and 4 and any new allotment of less than 500m2, made in the Distribution Plan will require buildings designed for the lot or building envelopes

This Distribution Design Plan is submitted with the Planning Application. leading subdivision specialists will be advertised with a sign on the lot and letters are also sent to the neighbors. This rule is slightly different between each Board.

Authority: Under the action of the Subdivision, the Council must forward, within 7 days, a copy of the Plan to the legal authority that has jurisdiction over the area is divided.

Response: Authorities have 35 days from receipt of their Plan to issue requirements or requests for any changes to the Plan.

Retribution: The plan will then be examined by different authorities. Drainage, water, sewerage, and electricity have special requirements for a supply that can result in fees being paid and work must be done.

Compliance: A Compliance Certificate is the documentation issued by the Board when all planning permits and authority provisions have been implemented. This appears in the certification and endorsement section on the front page of the Subdivision Compliance Plan

Title: Certified Plans can be submitted at the Title Office without compliance. However; titles for new lots will not be issued until compliance is given by the Board

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