Dining Room

Dining Room Lighting Tips

Dining Room Lighting Tips

It is a common misconception with dining room lighting design that having one light above the table is all you need. Most people think of a chandelier and end there. In fact, your design should start with the dining table itself then lighting is implemented to highlight the table as well as other design elements in the room.

Once you realize this, you are able to more aptly implement other elements in your dining room design. Good lighting in a dining room is all about ideas, establishing a budget and finding the items you need to pull it all together.

What most people need for their dining room lighting project is a little pizazz. Keep in mind that in addition to function, a design is of the utmost importance when planning your lighting. Contemporary light fixtures in a dining room can add a lot of value to your home.

The chandelier is certainly the most popular lighting fixture. Chandeliers set the atmosphere of the room and are used as a focal point many times. Chandeliers can really fill up a large dining room and add tremendous atmosphere. They will suit most styles, from modern and contemporary to classy or traditional.

Track and recessed lighting are perfect if you need the flexibility to increase or decrease the amount of available lighting where it’s needed. It comes in extremely handy if you are using your dining room table for work, a project or other tasks. If you have no need for very bright lighting then you may not really be interested in a track lighting option.

Pendant lighting is best if you want to create a unique lighting solution for your space. Pendant fixtures have the most options. They come in an array of different sizes, colors, and materials.

Contemporary Wall Sconces can also add a touch of class and provide much-needed accent lighting. Using a wall sconce to fill an empty wall or highlight a piece of art is very contemporary and improves the overall atmosphere.

Another consideration should be the amount of natural light or artificial public light that shines through your window.  A dimming lighting solution would probably be best for someone who has a lot of natural lighting that affects the dining area.

Finally, you should consider how intimate or open you need the space to be.  If you need a lot of open space above the dining room table then a pendant or chandelier may not be the best fit. Because of their natural hanging design, they may interfere with your field of vision or worst yet, accidentally get banged around.

Though it may seem like too much for a single person to handle, dining room lighting isn’t as hard as you might think. When taken in small steps, lighting your dining room is actually a very doable project. It is something that takes patience and a little bit of creativity though. With many options available for dining room lighting, it is important to try to stick to your budget. Trust me when I say that it is easy to get wrapped up in all the beauty and options available, then overspend.

In the end, dining room lighting is the perfect opportunity to add your ideas and thoughts into the design process. When you bring your style and objectives into the design, you will have years and years of enjoyment and functionality out of your dining room.

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