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Custom Polo Shirts the Smarter Way to Promote Your Business


Custom polo shirts are one of the most durable and adaptable clothing at work. More professional than printed t-shirts, cooler to wear than embroidered fur, custom polo shirts take you from the workshop to the office with smart efficiency.

Special poles can be embroidered, printed or both. Modern digital technology has made it possible to embroider very complex logos and designs quietly at the top of the breast, while bold letters can be added to the front or back. Special custom corporate polo shirts help shape the company's identity, giving smart staff uniforms that can be dressed up or down.  

Once a business has an embroidered company design, it's easy to "change" by printing the appropriate message. For example, in a health club, you can have an assistant, receptionist, personal trainer, crèche assistant, and DM shirt, all with the same embroidery logo but printed with the appropriate staff role. Different departments can also have different colored shirts, because special polo shirts are currently available in a variety of colors, including a two-color version.  

With digital software and hardware available, you can order printed and embroidered polo shirts online and even upload your own artwork. With the latter, it is important to find a company that can work with you and interpret your design, or alternatively suggest ideas to adapt the image so that it matches the appropriate machine.

Nowadays, this is increasingly becoming a problem, because modern embroidery machines can handle very complicated designs. What's important is that the design must be sharp, sharp, colorful and legible, so choose a quality printing and embroidery company for the best results.

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