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An Overview of Vehicle Suspension Types


Although cars are one of the most common types of vehicles on the road today, other types of vehicles such as vans, pickups, commercial trucks, buses, and even motorbikes form vehicles that we see on the road every day. Because these vehicles have different weights, sizes, and applications, there is no one size formula for all for suspension designs.

Of the suspension designs used today, the most developed are those used for luxury sports sedans and sports cars. If you want to know more about car suspension then check

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This suspension component will be made of lightweight materials, especially aluminum, which offers a much lower weight compared to stamped steel.

The best-performing car manufacturers even use shock absorbers that contain magnetic liquids whose electronically controlled damping levels. But again, this is a car that is intended for road use where driving quality and handling performance are very important.

The other end of the spectrum for vehicle suspension is the suspension used for off-road vehicles. Instead of concentrating on the quality of driving and handling on the road, the type of vehicle suspension for off-road use is focused on suspension travel, stability, component strength, and ground clearance.

Practical is a requirement to use a fat suspension arm and a large long-distance travel shock absorber if the vehicle qualifies as true off road.

With four-wheel-drive vehicles, reliability and traction are the main factors to consider, so it's not uncommon to see direct axle suspensions that can be used routinely even today.

In this case, mid-size crossovers are not eligible, even if they are equipped with all-wheel drive.


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