Welcome to the Flowerpowerlife blog!  I’m Christine, I’m 55 and I live in Chester UK.

I’m fascinated by all things plant, flower and aromatherapy based – hence the name of my blog!

I’m a real fashion addict and like to rummage in charity shops for bargains.

I travel all the time! About every six weeks or so my husband Steve and I go off on our adventures in both the UK and overseas.

In 2011 I experienced a spontaneous coronary artery dissection (SCAD) which resulted in a heart attack and completely stopped me in my tracks.

Having a heart event has changed my life: some for good and some not so good. Because of this I believe that we should seize the moment and do what makes us happy!

In 2017 I’ve been making some big changes fitness wise.  Inspired by a group of amazing women I met at a yoga retreat last November, I decided to get super fit.  So, in January I bought a second hand bike and took up cycling; got back into running (I’ve always been a runner of some sorts) and this month (May) I’ve started swimming again.  I have to give credit to my sister (Triathlon Cally) for keeping me motivated through all this, as well as Steve my husband and partner in crime who does all this exercise with me.  I’m still doing the yoga and Pilates too, working with the amazing Helen from Bodywork Pilates who is an excellent and patient teacher.

This blog is a snapshot of my lifestyle.  I do hope you enjoy reading.


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