5 Signs It’s Time to Remodel Your Bedroom

Remodel Your Bedroom

Tacky. Outdated. Unsanitary. Could any of these words describe your bedroom? If so, it might be time to make some upgrades.

Even though you’re unconscious for most of the time you spend in your bedroom, it should look more like a sanctuary and than an eyesore. Whether your bedroom is out of style or downright dirty, here are 5 reasons your bedroom needs a facelift.

1. It Looks Like An Ode to the 80s

The 1980s were a dark time for interior decorating, and surprisingly a lot of it can still be found lurking in bedrooms. Some might consider these trends “retro,” but mauve paint, waterbeds, and track lighting should have stayed in the 80s. You probably aren’t still wearing shoulder pads and leg warmers, so it’s only fair to rid your bedroom of 80s fashion, too.

How to Fix it: Remove anything that was in style more than 10 years ago. Going forward, avoid following too many decorating trends. Stick to clean, classic designs that will always be in style. Not only is this good for while you live in the room, but when it comes time to sell your home, nothing can halt prospective buyers like outdated 80s decor.

2. It Does the Opposite of Relax You

Your bedroom should be the most serene room in your home. Loud colors, harsh lighting, and too many knick-knacks may be keeping you from relaxing in your bedroom. If you have trouble falling asleep or find yourself never spending time in your bedroom, chaotic or unsettling bedroom decor might be to blame.

How to Fix it: Opt for neutrals for the main color palette in the room, such as beige or grey. Instead of putting it on the walls, bring bright colors into the room through accent pieces like side tables and throw pillows. Hide clutter by placing loose items in baskets, storage under the bed, or in drawers. Avoid any fluorescent overhead lighting and instead, use floor and table lamps to keep lighting soft.

3. It Doesn’t Keep Out the Elements

Your windows play a huge role in your room’s climate. If it’s never a comfortable temperature in your room despite using the heat or air conditioning, you probably need to replace your windows or at the very least, upgrade your window treatments.

How to Fix it: If you often feel drafts in your room or have an expensive energy bill, consider replacing your windows. If your room is simply too warm, investing in high-quality shades can keep your room a comfortable temperature without running up the air conditioning bill. Keep shades closed during the day in the summer to keep rooms from overheating.

4. It Houses Items From Your College Dorm

College may have been some of the best years of your life, but it certainly wasn’t the pinnacle of your interior design skills. Neon beer signs, black light posters, and milk crates don’t belong in any bedroom outside of a college dorm.

How to Fix it: Unless it’s your diploma, any furniture or decorative items from your college days need to go. Donate any practical pieces that are still in good shape and put sentimental items in storage. Better yet, hand these items over to a college student.

5. It Attracts Unwanted Guests

You should only be sharing a room with other humans, not bugs and mice. An ant or cockroach every now and then is normal, but if you keep seeing bugs, it’s time to take action.

A bug problem may mean your room needs more than a good cleaning. Certain pieces of furniture, like an old mattress or upholstered chair, may be attracting pests.

How to Fix it: If you have furniture that’s harboring fugitive critters, either get rid of these items or have an exterminator come do an inspection. The problem may be more serious than an ant infestation, though. If you think the problem is coming from your mattress. Also, if you want to keep bugs away you should never leave food and drinks in your bedroom (better yet, keep these out of your room all together).

Since bedrooms are the most private parts of a home, they’re often the last to be remodeled or updated. But fortunately redoing your bedroom can be done without breaking the bank. Cheap fixes like a fresh coat of paint and getting rid of clutter can do wonders for transforming a bedroom. More expensive options can be done over time, like installing new windows and buying new furniture. 

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