Hotel Strasbourg: Review


Our trip to Geneva was triggered by Geneva Tourism’s 1001 nights campaign, whereby you could have a free night in a hotel, but of course you pay for flights and everything else.  We checked out the prices on EasyJet and we could fly there for £165 total which isn’t bad and the cost of one night at this hotel was approx. £120 so we thought why not go for it!  We’d never been before and we could get a couple of nights at a reasonable cost, so we booked.

We chose the Hotel Strasbourg for its proximity to the railway station (only five minutes walk) and were pleased to see it was situated in an area with lots of bars and restaurants too.

On arrival, we were upgraded from a basic room to a suite, which was very kind of them.


The décor was very eighties, but nonetheless, the space and comfort were very welcome.


The bed was extremely comfy and the room was spotless.

Breakfast was continental and pretty much what you would expect: croissants, bread, cheese, ham, eggs, cereals, fruit.  The coffee was good too.

The only downside was the lack of aircon, although we did have a fan.

There was no bar service or restaurant but there was a mini bar and plenty of options for eating and drinking locally.

The clientele seemed to be a mix of business travellers and tourists and it’s a great option for just one or two nights.

It takes less than ten minutes to get from the hotel to the lake and maybe 15 minutes to get across to the old town.  We thought the location was perfect for a city break.


If you would like to know what we got up to in Geneva, have a look at my blog post here.



46 thoughts on “Hotel Strasbourg: Review

  1. I bloody love a hotel that has fantastic art work I think it gives the rooms way more character. I’d never considered Geneva but that photo of the marina is beautiful (I’m a sucker for a good marina) so could be convinced!

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