The Little Tea House, Parkgate

You know me, I love a quirky place.  So when I found a quirky place that sells home made cake, well, that just ticked all the boxes.  Especially as I have been salivating over GBBO all week.


The Little Tea House is on the front at Parkgate.  It’s teeny tiny inside, but just full of fun things to look at, vintage china and of course a great selection of teas and coffee.


This is blueberry and lemon cake with a frosted topping and it was delicious.


We often go to Parkgate just for a walk along the front and a look across the salt marsh to North Wales.  The Dee Estuary is a popular spot for bird watching and you quite often see people with their binoculars trained on the marsh.  If you want a good look at the birds it’s best to go at high tide, as otherwise, they are quite far out.


Note – you should not wander onto the salt marsh as the ground is unstable and you may get stranded by rising tides.

So my advice is bring your walking shoes, binoculars and enough money to buy tea and cake!

Happy days.

27 thoughts on “The Little Tea House, Parkgate

  1. It’s been a while since I’ve been to Parkgate, it’s such a lovely town. The tearoom looks lovely, I would like a slice of that blueberry and lemon cake.

  2. I love little tea rooms and all the cakes they have on offer, and where you visited is just the type of place I love to visit, the only thing I do not like about these places are the variety and trying to decided which piece of cake I would like x

  3. I have really been getting into GBBO too, and cake! you can’t go wrong with cake! The little tea shop looks adorable!

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