How Clean Is Your House?


Hmm – ever been to my house? Yep? Well, then you’ll know we have a very ‘relaxed’ approach to cleaning.  In fact, unless we have visitors, then it’s quite possible that the place only gets a bit of a spruce up once a week, if it’s lucky.  In fact, I sometimes invite people over to shame me into cleaning properly.

Leading Global Hygiene products company SCA, who manufacture brands such as Velvet, Plenty, Cushelle, TENA and Bodyform, have commissioned The Great British Hygiene Survey and the results to be honest are not a surprise to me!  They are asking bloggers ‘How Clean Is Your House?’ and I’ll be honest, my answer is ‘not very’.   Of the many misdemeanours on this list, I’m most guilty of using my teacup without washing it.  It gets a cursory flash under the tap and then gets refilled with the old PG pronto.

This quote says it all

British women are also far more concerned about visitor’s opinions of their hygiene, with 51% admitting they were concerned about visitors comparing their home to their own, in comparison with only 35% of men. Anxiety surround guest judgement is particularly high during busy visiting periods

Of course when we do have guests coming, then my cleaning army (aka my husband) springs into action.  I’m a rubbish cleaner, so these are his top tips:

  1. Clean the blinds with an old sock – it’s easy to get the dust off and you can chuck it in the wash afterwards.
  2. Clean up as you go along in the kitchen (this drives me mad I have to say)
  3. Take two pieces of kitchen towel, spray with multipurpose cleaner and use it to wipe the skirting boards.
  4. Vacuum the kitchen floor before washing to pick the bits up.
  5. Clean cups with sterilising fluid to get the tea stains out.
  6. Empty the vacuum regularly for good suction otherwise you are wasting your time.
  7. Use a toothbrush to clean the grout between the bathroom tiles (this is my tip actually).
  8. If you spill curry on the worktop (happens all the time) dab it with bleach on a kitchen towel, leave for five minutes then wipe down.
  9. Put the tea towel and cloths in the washing machine every day (this one’s mine – I never re-use a cloth)
  10. Invite people over at least once a fortnight – then you have to do it!

This quote below from the survey clearly doesn’t apply in our house!

70% of women surveyed also stipulated that they took responsibility for cleaning in their homes, more than double the 30% of male respondents who claimed responsibility fell to them. Indicative of this greater responsibility, the survey showed that women are more likely to be argumentative where domestic cleaning tasks were concerned, with double the number of women (30%) admitting that they had fought with their partners about cleaning, compared with only 15% of men.

Take a look at the results of the survey below.  Which ones are you guilty of?


10 thoughts on “How Clean Is Your House?

  1. I would love a clean house but I just haven’t got the energy or the time lol, I’m chuffed once the dishes are done and the tops are wiped, even mopped the kitchen floor yesterday but it still isn’t clean clean X

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