Brexit and Me


If you’re  regular reader of my blog, you’ll know that I love to travel. I have had many fantastic experiences in Europe and beyond.  I consider myself European.  Full stop.

That Friday morning when I turned on the TV to see the results of the EU referendum, I was in Spain.  I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing and if I’m honest, I still haven’t got my head around it.

I want to be part of the European Union (along with 48% of the UK) but I realise that we have to accept the will of the majority and work with what we have.

I worry about the financial uncertainty that it brings. I worry that we are not working with the rest of the team for the good of the European economy.  I worry about shared funding for research into disease.  I worry that some fellow Europeans are now feeling uncomfortable to be in the UK, as I have never been met with anything other than friendliness and acceptance in any other country.

I know that the majority of voters disagree with me, but I do respect the opinion of those who voted to leave. We all have the right to do what we feel is best for our own personal circumstances, but don’t mind me when I shed a tear for our forty year union will you?


8 thoughts on “Brexit and Me

  1. Being on the outside , Brit by birth I can only add my thoughts and yet I do hear you
    Hate will always rise to the surface when given a chance yet the vast majority will rise to put it down
    When I travelled prior I needed my passport to enter all those EU countries and being dual citizenship could work in UK
    The other countries welcomed me and the opportunity existed for work if I wanted
    I could have taken a girl home or stayed
    To me that still exists
    What I read and it has effected us to a degree is the EU Parliament went from a trade partnership to one of Nation control in laws and trade control
    Cornish folks could not fish, Portugal could, carrots had to be a size, Irish potatoes not sold must be imported , UK High Court says go to prison but Brussels says no
    UK wants to trade with Canada direct but denied
    Brussels wants to tax oversea flights to UK
    UK sends more in tax to EU than receives
    A lot of items
    Even the fight over the name over food
    Like you though if this goes through I see trade and people traffic continuing and UK once again dealing directly with countries including the Commonwealth of Nations
    It can be done
    Cheers / Rob

  2. I think we can only watch and wait to see what happens now. The forecasts from the government and bank of England which were so dire are being revised, we import more than we export from Europe so I believe our partners will still exist, on different terms. Both Germany and France still want to partner on both trade and immigration. Our youth will still travel – they will just need a visa like they do to Asia and the States. I really believe we have to now work for the best for the UK and weather the initial storm.

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