A Walk Along Nissaki Beach Corfu

This is the final episode of our Corfu trip.  I wanted to show you the beautiful beach that was on our doorstep.  It was very pebbly, but the water was so clear and you could see across to Corfu Town.


If you follow the beach for about half a mile, you come across a few tavernas and a battered old jetty.


We picked a taverna with a bit of a view and had sardines and a plate of hot spinach pies.


Very tasty!


We attracted this local kitty who was very happy with the sardine scraps.


The plan after lunch was to walk into the village, but on our way through the veg gardens, we came across this turkey, not tethered up, and very grumpy (or so it seemed).  Neither of us was willing to risk walking past it and getting a nasty peck, so we turned tail and went back to the safety of the beach (cowards).

DSCN0736 (3)

That’s it from Corfu.  Next trip is Alcudia!


Christine x

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