Corfu: Nissaki Beach To Agni

Last week we hid away on the east coast of Corfu for a few days, staying in stunning Nissaki Beach, only 10k from Corfu Town, but a world away from the hustle and bustle.  There were no shops! Shock horror! For a whole week! Instead, I read, wrote in my journal and walked along the beautiful coastline taking in the views.  This is the walk from Nissaki to Agni which took about half an hour

I hope you enjoy it!


It was really hard to find the start of the path, which is hidden at the side of our hotel.  You think ‘this can’t be right’ but have faith and a coastal path will appear in just a few minutes and you’ll be rewarded with a great view.


Along the way there are wildflowers as well as the odd manicured villa garden.  I loved this one which was covered in bougainvillea and jasmine: the smell was divine!


You do eventually get to the village of Agni, which is just picture postcard perfect.  I fell in love with this little village house.  I could happily live there for the rest of the summer, snoozing in the hammock and looking out to sea.


When you reach Agni, there are a few places to drink.  We chose to sit right on the sea front.  It was a moody day weather wise, but that didn’t matter.


Making our way back, we were caught in a downpour which soaked right into my espadrilles.  Cue two days of drying them out on the balcony! Be warned, if you take this walk, then wear covered shoes as it’s very rough under foot.

We found out later that this forms part of a path to the Durrell’s white house, which was only another half an hour or so walk, so next time we’ll keep going!

More to follow!

Christine x


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