Hello Fresh: Not For Me Thanks

Maybe it’s because I was talked into this on my doorstep that I was already pre-disposed to dislike this service, but I was genuinely disappointed with Hello Fresh.  I signed up for two boxes at a discounted rate.  It was a freezing cold day and I felt sorry for the young man going door to door.  Anyway, after he left I thought, oh well, some nice foodie treats in store.  Here’s what I got.


The first thing I disliked was the amount of packaging.  It comes in a huge box for starters.  Inside the brown paper bag are bits and bobs such as one serving of mustard in a little sachet. Tiny little pots of seasoning are so wasteful that I felt it was just wrong.


The box comes with three meals and three recipe cards, all of which were easy to make.  The downside for me, is that this was no foodie adventure, as there was nothing here that I wouldn’t knock up myself on a week night.


There are some good points. The food was indeed fresh and good quality.  The recipes are easy to follow.  The portions are generous (not sure this is a good thing actually as the meal was about twice the amount I would serve myself, but my husband wasn’t complaining).

To be fair, customer service was excellent and I was able to cancel without quibble.  So would I recommend it? Not for me thanks.

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