Yule! Time To Relax

We’re coming to the darkest few days of the year.

Yule (21 to 23 December) and the Winter Solstice (the shortest day) have been celebrated by our ancestors for thousands of years.

In ancient times, a yule log was burnt and the ashes would be saved for good luck throughout the new year.  People exchanged gifts and celebrated the bounty of the old year.

For me, this time of year is downtime; no rushing about getting last minute presents and stocking the larder.  Instead, it’s a time for reflection, sleep and getting stuck into a good book.  We meet up with family and friends at low key gatherings, no pressure to make merry.  We just pop into each other’s houses for a cuppa and a chat (but no mince pies please! I hate them).

DSCF0501 (2)



This afternoon has been spent making the house cosy, with snuggly cushions, throws and candles.  I’ll be bringing in some greenery from the garden in time for Christmas Eve and no doubt some holly and mistletoe will make an appearance ( I have to buy this as my holly has no berries!).

I hope everyone has a peaceful, relaxing and joyous break.



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