The ‘Me’ You Don’t See

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Someone jokingly referred to me as ‘Judith Chalmers’ the other day, and I agree that, from the outside looking in, I always seem to be travelling to new places and having lots of new experiences.  What you don’t see of course, is that for every day you see me having fun, there is a PJ day to follow, when I quite literally, am knackered.

My recent trip to London was followed by two days of inertia.  Sitting on the sofa, napping and then going to bed at 9 p.m. Not so attractive now is it?

This week, I had a concert with choir on Saturday night, followed by a shopping trip on Sunday morning.  The result: chest pain which I thought was going to land me in A&E.  I slept most of the afternoon on the sofa and went to bed after X Factor.  Rocknroll!

There are ways to manage this of course.  I plan my diary meticulously and have no more than one ‘thing’ a day.  So if I do an exercise class, then I don’t plan any other strenuous activity that day. If I have a concert at night, I don’t go on a marathon shopping trip during the day.  I allocate days to certain activities e.g. all my committee admin gets done one day a week and I don’t think about it on other days.

Christmas is being planned like a military operation.  I am buying a couple of things a week, wrapping them immediately, then parking any Christmas thoughts ’til the next week.

Today is ironing and tidying day.  Nothing more, apart from cooking dinner.

Blogging is not counted as a ‘thing’ to do, as I only ever blog when the mood takes me and I see it as relaxation.

One day, I’m hoping things will improve, but until then, please be gentle with me.







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