Paying My Respects To Richard III

DSCN0011One of our most controversial monarchs, Richard III is now laid to rest in Leicester Cathedral after the discovery of his mortal remains in a car park close to his final resting place.  To this day, opinion is divided into two camps: Richard the much maligned good guy, or Richard the archetypal baddie.  I’m in camp one, and have been for many years after reading everything I could get my hands on about the Plantagenets and coming to the conclusion that there is no reason why Richard would have killed the little princes in the tower and grasped the throne for himself.

Visiting the casket itself was quite moving, maybe because I’ve read so much about Richard that I almost feel I knew him.  He certainly suffered a violent death and was clearly shown no mercy on the battlefield at Bosworth.

I still find it amazing to read how quickly the dig came across his skeleton, and not only that, but the malformed spine was there for all to see, and not, as previously thought, a figment of Shakespeare’s imagination to make Richard seem even more of a baddie.

If you ever get to Leicester, you should definitely go along and see for yourself. Not only is the cathedral very beautiful, but there is some great architecture to enjoy.


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