Broad Beans With Pancetta: Store Cupboard Essentials

I’ve lost another pound this week.  It’s been hard fought and I accredit it to proper food planning so that I’ve not been tempted to grab the wrong thing on the run.  This is one of my recipes from this week, all from the store cupboard.  I keep broad beans in the freezer all the time, plus frozen chillis from this summer’s harvest.  I keep little sealed packs of pancetta in the fridge: it lasts for ages.


No measurements as it’s a matter of chuck in what you have.  In this case:

Bowl of frozen broad beans, a frozen chilli (diced) and a packet of pancetta.  Fry the pancetta with the chilli (no need to add fat) until it is crispy and drain off the fat.  Bring the beans to the boil and simmer until just al dente.  No need to add salt as the pancetta is salty enough.  Add the beans to the pancetta.  I had a few cherry tomatoes left so I cooked them for a minute or so and added them too.


Makes a nice lunch.    I know this week the World Health Organisation is telling us that cured meat is bad for us, but what isn’t these days?  Just a little goes a long way.

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