Getting Close To Lemurs At Paignton Zoo

As members of Chester Zoo, we are allowed an annual visit to other zoos, including Paignton.  Chester Zoo is fabulous and we go almost every week, so we did wonder if a visit to Paignton would disappoint – it certainly did not!

Anyone that knows Chester Zoo well will know that Lemur Island has only recently been deforested enough for visitors to spot the lemurs and I for one have been delighted with the glimpses we now have of them.  Paignton however was a whole new ball game – these cheeky little chaps are happy to get close to you (although there are two keepers on hand to ensure they don’t get touched or stressed – the lemurs, not the public!).


Overall the zoo is quite small in comparison to Chester, but has some lovely nature trails with free flying birds.  The gardens are beautiful too – lots of woodland planting.

A lemur experience at Chester was on my bucket list, but now I’ve been to Paignton I can happily cross it off!

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