The Garden in August

Not much to write about this month as August seems to be the time when the garden looks tatty, waiting for a new lease of life in September.  This is the bottom lawn and pretty much the only things in flower are the Japanese anemone, the hebe and the tradescantia.


The buddleia is almost finished too.


The tomatoes are looking OK and we’ve had plenty of beans, but the cucumbers have done nothing.  This year was my first attempt at cucumbers and I guess it’s just not warm enough if you don’t have a greenhouse.


I’m currently working on the border near the kitchen as I’ve seem some fab  gardens on my travels this summer and would like to try and recreate something like this which we saw at Paignton Zoo.


So it’s out with the low growing herbs to make room for some stars like this blue globe thistle.  Haven’t figured out quite how I’m going to make it look good for a whole season yet – needs more research.  The cat likes to lie on the top border and tends to flatten whatever is there – he especially likes to lie on the oregano.  I’m sure I’ll think of something!

2 thoughts on “The Garden in August

  1. Your garden is beautiful. I recently got an allotment which needs lots of work but have enjoyed strawberries, raspberries, lettuce and courgettes this year.

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