Ageing: A Love Hate Relationship

I look at my skin these days and think: I hate ageing.  I have wrinkles, age spots and wobbly bits that weren’t there before.  Other times, I think: I love ageing.  It’s a privilege denied to my sister who died this year at 51.  I very nearly carked it myself aged 49, so I’m grateful to be here.  I hate that I can’t run any more, but I love that I can walk for miles.  I hate that I have to take medication, but I love that I feel really healthy. I hate having to watch my weight, but love that I have a healthy appetite and enjoy eating really good food. I hate that I look ridiculous in skinny jeans, but I love that the seventies boho vibe is back.  I hate that I’m the worst dancer in my zumba class, but I love that I can do an hour’s aerobic exercise.

Oh well, grumble over.  Bring on the next twenty years!DSCF1685

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