May 2015 at Chester Zoo

Steve and I have been members of Chester Zoo for just over a year now and average a visit once every ten days.  The great thing about this is that we can see just part of the zoo each time and get to know it really well. Here are some of the treats from our last visit.


Who can resist a tiger cub? This little cutie was born this spring and the cubs are now at an age when they are playing up for the camera, so watch out for cute overload.  This is their beautiful mum, who is having a quiet moment to herself.DSCF1773

Next up, the ring tailed lemurs.  I love these little chaps.  You couldn’t see them for years, but now the undergrowth has been cut back, we often catch a glimpse of them cuddled up together.  You can book a one to one lemur experience – it’s on my birthday wishlist.


Another favourite is the red panda.  You just have to love this face!


We usually stop for a coffee and most often get mugged by ducks for whatever food we happen to have on us.


Finally, I’m really keen to make one of these bug houses for our garden.  I think they’re a great idea.


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