Blogging for money?

Lately I’ve been asking myself if I should acquire my own domain and start blogging ‘professionally’ as it were, with the aim of eventually generating an income.  I have this internal tussle every now and again, as the ex business analyst in me says, ‘you could do this if you put your mind to it’.  However, since I left work, my inner hippie has been growing stronger and she says ‘who needs money?’.  So therein lies the dilemma.


Now, there’s no doubt I could use the extra cash to fund my travels plus clothing, beauty and scented candle lust, but lately I’ve been thinking about what I would actually lose by earning.  So here’s my thought process.  See what you think.

  1. I have enough to live on,  why would I need more?
  2. Would more clothes, shoes and holidays make me any happier?
  3. Currently, I answer to no-one, and after thirty years in the corporate world, that feels pretty good.  Do I want that to change?
  4. I have total freedom to blog or not to blog as the mood takes me – do I want that to change?
  5. I write what I like, not what fits a particular genre.  Would that change?
  6. Would blogging still be fun if it was a job?
  7. How would it affect my other hobbies and charity commitments?

What difference would money make to my life?

  1. Would it make me healthier? Nope, but I could afford a juicer.  Not going to fix my heart though is it?
  2. Could I travel more? Yes, no doubt about it.
  3. Could I spend more on ‘things’? Yes, but what happens then to the thrill of the charity shop bargain?  Don’t I have enough ‘stuff’ in my life already?
  4. I could give more generous gifts – but do the people I love really care about that?
  5. Would it make my garden better? Yes – I could buy more plants and maybe a greenhouse.  I could go to garden shows.
  6. I could afford to go to the theatre.
  7. When I was earning really good money, how did I feel? Ah yes, I remember, trapped, stressed and sick.  Nothing to recommend it then.

Now I’m not suggesting for a minute that earning from my blog wouldn’t be bloody hard work and that it wouldn’t take a huge amount of effort which may not even result in success.  The thing is, if I’m even questioning this I should stick to blogging for fun, right?  I retired for a good reason and I just need to remind myself  of that now and again.

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