Do You Know You Have a Facial Twitch?

On Saturday night I faced the question: Do you know you have a facial twitch? No shit! Really? Well, I never knew that!  Yet another helpful person pointing out something I’ve lived with since childhood and that I can do absolutely nothing to control.

It started when I was about seven and I was forever being told off by my parents for my twitchy nose (think Nicole Kidman in Bewitched but a lot less attractive). I have a deviated septum so I tend to ‘adjust’ my face unconsciously to help me breathe, especially when under pressure, just as I was on Saturday night, on stage in front of an audience of 400 people all looking in my direction.

It’s been pointed out many times over the years, by some people who are just stupid ‘you look like a f***** rabbit’ from one charmer in the pub, to ‘did you know you have a nervous twitch?’ from a counsellor helping me with depression years ago, who quite frankly should have known better.

I’ve never let it hold me back professionally or personally, never shying away from making presentations or singing in public, but just occasionally, when someone points it out, it touches a nerve.  So readers, if you know me personally, no need to tell me.  I know.


5 thoughts on “Do You Know You Have a Facial Twitch?

  1. I twitch my nose, not all the time but I do do it, it was wore when I was younger as it became a habit. Its amazing people would think you were not aware and point it out x

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