My Motivation Has Gone AWOL



After a few weeks of positive thinking, getting back into the running, eating lots of lovely fruit and veg etc. all of a sudden my motivation has disappeared.  I feel bad about it but cannot clamber back onto the rails.

I’m trying to work out what’s gone wrong and I think it stems from a break in routine which started with missing a class at gym, then skipping a healthy lunch in favour of a steak pie, and it’s all gone down hill from there on.  On the other hand, the weather has been dismal and cold so that could be affecting my mood too.

I need to jump start my motivation but have absolutely no idea how to do it. Last time I had a reboot was on holiday in January, when I read lots of inspiring articles and really got into it.

Each day I start off with porridge, seeds and honey and tell myself that today is going to be a good health day.  It starts to go wrong at lunchtime when I’m faced with the healthy green soup I’ve made, but just don’t want to eat, so I have a slab of bread and butter to go with it.  So why are you buying bread? I can hear you ask.  Good point.  I don’t know.  I get to the supermarket with a list and then just ignore it.

It’s obvious to me, reading this back, that I have no willpower.  Am I really waiting for another wake up call before I address the issue?

I regularly think about going to Slimming World or Weight Watchers, but the couple of times I’ve tried it I’ve only lasted a week or two as I really don’t like this sitting round in a circle stuff.

I’ve read every diet book under the sun and often buy a new one in the vain hope that it will have the magical answer.  I already know what the answer is, move more and eat less!

Right.  That’s enough moaning.  Let’s have some action.  Would it help if I made myself accountable to someone?  You maybe?  What if I wrote about my plans and how they’re going?  I’m not going to document my weight because I’m too ashamed to tell you.  Let’s go with this as a plan:

  1. Any fruit and veg is better than none
  2. Any exercise is better than none
  3. Will this food/exercise decision you are about to make take you nearer your goal or further away from it?
  4. Make being healthy your priority.  Put it at the top of your ‘to do’ list.
  5. You are OK now, being healthier will simply improve things, not turn you from a bad person into a good person.
  6. Biscuits are not a ‘treat’ for your body
  7. If you could ask your body what it wanted, instead of your brain, would it really say chocolate?
  8. Are you really hungry or just bored?
  9. Take one day at a time and don’t write off the whole week because of one bad day.
  10. Don’t wait ’til Monday, or April, or after your holidays, or after the summer, or after Christmas, or next year to start! Start right now!!

4 thoughts on “My Motivation Has Gone AWOL

  1. Maybe try doing your shopping online to avoid temptation in the supermarket? If you think documenting your meals on here would help then go for it! You’ll get lots of support! Best of luck! xx

  2. You are right about diet plans as some folks swear by them and others do not while I’m most cases monies go into someone’s pockets, not yours
    Walking a dog , a friends helps as the dog needs to get out so you both benefit
    Balance is a good motivator and award is good plus Chocolate in moderation of course
    Whole grains bread hot out of the oven , yum but remember in moderation
    Reducing intake is the best diet and yes an exercise that you enjoy
    With sunshine back grab that man of yours and walk
    A chap called John Heald senior CD of Carnival dropped a few stone by just reducing portions and a stationary gym bike on the ship
    We are all different
    Progress is even keeping to what you are or picking milestones achievable

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