Viper Wine by Hermione Eyre: Book Review

DSCF1233 - Copy

I really enjoyed this kooky tale of a society lady’s search for beauty perfection in the 17th century. It tells of her being seduced and drawn in by the power of a potion called ‘Viper Wine’ with plenty of modern day comparisons to botox and fillers! The book strangely juxtaposes past and present by presenting one of its male characters as a time traveller. It references the odd 20th century super model and I must admit when I came across the reference to spam and wagon wheels I flicked back to see if I’d overlooked something! It’s also a social commentary on C17th life, and describes the impact that the changing face of religion had on the population. For me, the most interesting part was the reference to alchemy and the strange lotions and potions that were used at the time (some of which I suspect were not fictional). I also enjoyed the references to distance healing and the fact that matter cannot be destroyed. It has a touch of Deepak Chopra about it. A very interesting read!

2 thoughts on “Viper Wine by Hermione Eyre: Book Review

  1. That sounds really unusual … do you think the “out of place” references to modern things/people were deliberate to prove a point? Or just something that slipped through editing?

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