Knickers! Fifty Plus Style

Just because I’m over fifty, doesn’t mean I don’t love pretty underwear and hang around in big knickers all the time (well sometimes I do, I admit it).  These are a few of my favourite sets:


The pink set is from Curvy Kate.  I’m a 34DD and can honestly say it’s the best fitting bra I own.   The black set is by Fauve and adds a bit of glamour to any occasion.  Finally, the cream set is from Tesco which is also a great fit and cheap too.

I do like a matching set, so usually buy a bra and two pairs of matching knickers.  I have plenty of basics in nude and black which solves the matching problem, and usually buy them in M&S (doesn’t everyone?).

My pet hate is bras with padding – why on earth do they sell them in a DD cup?  We don’t need any extra help guys!  Often I see a pretty set and have to reject it because there is no unpadded bra available.

I’m not loyal to any particular brand and buy things that are pretty and practical.  No thongs for me thank you!

I’m guilty of splashing out on new undies for my summer hols too.  In the summer I like a bra with a bit of lace on the straps so that if it shows under a summer dress, it looks OK.  I reject bras with huge thick straps even if they are allegedly good for you!

So, lingerie lovers, what do you like?

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