Curly Hair and Freckles: Then and Now

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When I was at school, I hated my unruly curly hair and freckles, and was teased endlessly about them.  I tried all manner of things to sort out this terrible problem from lemon juice on the freckles to tongs on the curls (no straighteners as such in the seventies).  For most of my twenties I had my hair cut really short to minimise the curls because the times I let it grow I looked like Crystal Tips (remember her?).  In my thirties and forties I embraced the curl a little more, but as I had a string of responsible jobs in Finance and IT, I lived in a smart suit and I felt I couldn’t let my hair run wild.  I was never seen at work without foundation and red lipstick, my professional armour!

I was uncomfortable with my look and convinced I was ugly and ‘funny looking’ until well into my forties when there was a bit of a shift in perception.  I realised that I had really good skin and that the freckles didn’t look too bad after all.  A few people commented I had a nice smile, so I thought, yes, it’s not so bad is it?

Now in my fifties, I don’t give a hoot what people think of my curly hair and freckles.  I’ve let my hair do its own thing and am happy to go about bare faced.  I look after my skin as I always have and I think this has served me well.  I have my hair straightened once in a while at the hairdressers when I fancy a glossy look for a change, but most of the time I’m a curly girl.


It’s been a long time coming but I’m happy in my own skin at last!

5 thoughts on “Curly Hair and Freckles: Then and Now

  1. My daughters both have curly red hair darkish at times and just go with the flow now
    Used to go to a Caribbean stylist to get flat but hard to find so they are alnatural
    Two of the grandkids have curly

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